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Nude Male Bronze Sculpture on Marble Base Statue

$300.00 USD $1,800.00 USD

This Statue is a conceptual representation of a nude man sitting on top of a platform. He situated with both arms stretched while he leans forward and looks straight downward. He is clearly deep in thought, as his stern gaze stays fixed on a point ahead of him. He presses his feet into the surface underneath him to the extent that they are literally fused with the structure. This piece features a semi finished look that is highly appealing, where the finish of the Bronze is created with a kind of brush stroke molded look. It is focused more on form than detail but this fact does not take away from the beauty.

It features the lost wax method of casting, founded thousands of years ago, ensuring an exquisitely detailed Sculpture.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 10 X Width 6 inches.

Weight: 8 LBS.