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Pony Express Cowboy Bronze Sculpture

$450.00 USD $1,350.00 USD

This is a Statue of a cowboy, revolver in hand, aimed at the sky as he rides on his trusty horse. He is dressed in blue jeans with chaps, and a buttoned up shirt with a bandana loosely tied around his neck. Around his waist hangs his belt, equipped with bullets and his holster. He wears an aged cowboy hat and has a thick handle bar mustache and a warn face. In his left hand he grips roped reigns as his horse races forward at a full gallop.

The detailing is remarkable, from the horse mane to the man expression. Here they use have used the Lost Wax Method to create this piece. It has a two toned brown Bronze patina.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 17 X Width 16 inches.

Weight: 25 LBS.