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Mountain Anoa Dwarf Water Buffalo Bronze Sculpture

$250.00 USD $750.00 USD

Anon, also known as Dwarf Buffalo and Sapient, are a sub genus of Balusters comprising two species native to Indonesia. The Mountain Anoa Balusters quarreler and the Lowland Anoa. Both live in undisturbed rain forest, and are essentially miniature water buffalo. They are similar in appearance to a deer, Weighing 150 - 300 kilograms (330 - 660 LBS). This amazing Sculpture shows that even if they are not the largest in size they are still strong creatures.

Every muscle on his body shows and strength and power, his horns are slightly turned backwards and his mouth is a little open as if he was saying something.

Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 9 X Width 8 inches.

Weight: 9 LBS.